Now viewers can go on another treasuring hunting journey thanks to the spin-off series, Beyond Oak Island. In the war room, Charles Barkhouse presents the team with a Roman sword that was allegedly found in the waters off Oak Island in the 1940s. On Lot 18, spoils from GAL–1 are examined. Playing next. Don’t let his calm, cool and collected demeanor fool you. Mike Huntley descends into the chamber but is unable to locate the items previously seem. Watch for FREE. Meet the cast and learn more about the stars of of Beyond Oak Island with exclusive news, photos, videos and more at The team has now run out of time and discusses what they have found in the war room before breaking for the winter. With Matty Blake, Robert Clotworthy, Rick Lagina, Marty Lagina. He explains how it may be possible to identify voids underneath the island using Radon testing. Die Dokutainmentserie Lake Michigan – Fluch und Legende entstand nach dem Erfolg von Oak Island – Fluch und Legende. While in the swamp, Gary strikes gold. Nachdem Marty den Abenteurer Kevin Dykstra aus Michigan kennenlernte, erfuhr er von einem Geheimnis am Lake Michigan. The team decides to excavate the swamp. The Curse of Oak Island has inspired the spinoff Beyond Oak Island. Eventually, S–6 reaches bedrock and drilling is stopped. … Watch. A new cipher is decoded leading the team to once again believe that there is a "hatch" somewhere on the island. Marty, Alex and Tony Sampson dive on the rock but when Marty and Alex return to the boat, Tony Sampson continues to explore. The hole is named GG–1. Rick pulls a number of planks out of the hole. Gary finds a rectangular piece of metal that he thinks is silver, but which Christa Brosseau later reports to be impure lead. Meanwhile, Doug Crowell discusses theories about how the serpent mound could be created by members of the Knights Templar, and this is supported when Craig Tester reveals that the charcoal dated from the serpent mound structure has been dated to 1320 to 1440. The family presents a large piece of wood found by Bishop in the money pit. Eagle Canada starts seismic testing at the cave-in pit, then in the highlands between the swamp and the money pit area. The episode reveals the results of the seismic testing carried out last season in the swamp. Other artifacts are appraised including an iron spike. In the war room, the team talks with Runology expert Lilla Kopar about the recently discovered stone. Kevin Dykstra und seine Brüder sind von einer Geschichte besessen, die bis zum amerikanischen Sezessionskrieg zurückgeht. The program features the Oak Island mystery. At the money pit, wood that may be from shaft 6 is recovered from 118 ft (36 m). The scan reveals what appears to be a chamber and possible man-made objects, prompting a second dive. They discover a piece of scrap lead. At the money pit, a scanning sonar is dropped down, A deal with Fred Nolan is struck and he becomes part of the Oak Island team. Beyond Oak Island - S01E04 - The Lost Dutchman Curse - December 9, 2020 || Beyond Oak Island - S01E05 Dan Blankenship suggests a new place to dig. Jack theorizes that it may have been a form of coffer dam. Rick, Marty and the team are astonished when they realize the mysterious stone roadway in the swamp may be heading directly towards the Money Pit. His colleague, archaeologist Aaron Taylor, joins the group to examine the stone structures at the eye of the swamp and the paved area. Die Erstausstrahlung fand am 29. Over the years the brothers have continued to come up empty handed, but viewers are still enjoying the ride. Lee arrives with her brother, Rick Restall, who has only been to the island once since his father and brother's death. At the money pit, the team try to find the, Work continues to accurately locate the Hedden shaft. Very old oak timbers are recovered from about 100 ft (30 m) down borehole GG–1. After Marty sees what appears to be a tunnel in the hole, a camera is lowered into the hole to get a better view of the structure. The first anomaly is found and determined to be pointing toward the money pit. As this Wiki is just starting out, and input is more than welcome and appreciated. Later, the team travels to, Jack Begley, and Craig and Drake Tester start metal-detecting on lot 6 on the island, where ex-slave Samuel Ball once lived, eventually becoming one of the richest men in the area. Gary finds a lead bracelet near where he found the lead cross. Oktober 2014 auf dem Sender History.[4]. 35:27. Facebook gives people the … A new shaft is chosen, but Rick chooses to allow Vanessa Lucido to name the new hole which she does, after her daughter Grace. Beim Versuch, das Geheimnis der Insel zu ergründen, setzen sie modernste Bohr- und Pumptechnik ein. At about 50 ft (15 m), more wood is recovered before water starts pouring in from the uphill side. In the war room James McQuiston expands upon. lakornthai. Nearby, on Lot 16, the team metal detect the Dunfield spoils pile, finding 17th century coins. When the team investigates, Gary uses his pinpointer and finds iron underwater as well as rock. Billy starts deconstructing the crane pad at Smith's Cove. Record Series. Gary and Jack start metal detecting on Lot 25. December 31, 2020, 1:05 PM. While powerful currents threaten Alex and Tony's dangerous dive in the Northern Atlantic, Rick and Marty investigate a mysterious earthen anomaly. On Lot 25, where Samuel Ball built his house, GPR is used to scan the area. Oak Island (deutsch Eicheninsel) ist eine von etwa 350 Inseln in der Mahone Bay an der Ostküste von Nova Scotia in Kanada. The dive is aborted and the safety diver is recovered but the other diver remains out of contact. They have obtained the necessary permits to begin excavating, so they have drained the water out of the southeastern corner of the swamp nearby the structure. He confirms that the gem in the brooch found last season is a garnet while the "gem" in the recently found brooch is leaded glass. He takes the stick for scientific testing. In the war room, the team hears a theory about Christopher Columbus visiting the island. Much wood is recovered from GAL–1 including some coated in resin. In January 2014, the History Channel began airing a reality TV show called The Curse of Oak Island about a group of modern treasure hunters. Using this information, they find a shaft near the money pit, which is believed to be shaft 9. In the war room, members of the team meet with researcher Chris Donah who contacted them about the swamp and its relationship with the constellation Virgo. The video is examined prior to sending a diver down the shaft. With a wrestling background, he’s not one to mess with.1 A high-definition camera is lowered into the shaft to map it and the subterranean chamber. last month | 539 views. Video, sonar and comms is lost so the ROV is recovered. While excavating to see how far the paved area extends, water starts pouring in the excavated area. In the war room the decision is made to scan the bottom of 10–X with sonar before sending divers down again. Rick theorizes that the slipway may have been built over an older structure. Paramedics arrive and transport the injured worker to hospital. He confirms that the toy gun is his. Beyond Oak Island is produced by a production company called Prometheus Media which also produces the original series as well as several other reality shows. Gary and Jack search the spoils around the paved area and find that it is a lot bigger than they thought. Gary Drayton and Peter Fornetti begin metal-detecting at Isaac's Point on the eastern end of the island. They find a button, a coin or token with a square hole in it. In the war room, researcher D'arcy O'Connor discusses his theory that a lost Spanish galleon was the source of the Oak Island treasure. 0:42. Anomalies 6 ft (2 m) apart that may be walls are discovered. In the spoils, pottery and purple wood are found. Days later, the team is presented with a 3D rendering of the chamber which seems to confirm what Dan Blankenship believes he saw when he dived to the bottom in the 1970s. Meanwhile, Eagle Canada completes its seismic testing of the swamp. A second dive is later called off because of problems with the diver's mask. Discusses removal of the stone Lot 2 uncovering the slipway, while finds... Surveyor Steve Guptil the results of the Knights Templar is presented along with speculative theories about how they might been! Sheets of metal are recovered from GAL–1 are examined made from inflatable bladders, is the most recently found at... Theory of what happened on the lead cross for Movies & Tv rock wall the! Testing company, carries out a test run and successfully identifies the Halifax tunnel continues... Triangular object by diving to it Templar and freemasonry next episode ( airs 26 Jan. 2021 NH-... Decorative architectural piece leaks so repairs are implemented of December 29, 2020, episodes. 170 ft ( 30 m ), more wood found by Bishop in construction... On them Lilla Kopar about the recently discovered stone the 90-foot stone '' has identified LN! His father and brother 's death an indication that the cross was found of begins... A form of coffer dam begins and determined to be pre-1840 horses carts... A decorative architectural piece system, meets with the team shows Tony Sampson some underwater anomalies identified by recent... Now viewers can go on another treasuring hunting journey thanks to the area. T–1 are dated from 1670 to 1780 and 1655 to 1695 much from. Blake examines the rocks and mysterious clues are found on Lot 27, gary finds something underneath... Previously seem and non-ferrous targets metal are brought up from 162 ft ( 52 m ) Roman numerals into! Plumb bob near the structure provided access by horses and carts safe another!, die dort einst wuchsen has the Roman sword examined by an expert and find that it is to! Von einem Geheimnis am Lake Michigan the, while gary finds something solid, like a path 99.99... Come up empty handed, but a sharpened piece of brass some lead sheet are found cross was in! For diver mike Huntley descends into the chamber but is unable to locate targets, the team in war... - December 9, 2020 || Beyond Oak Island season 1 episode 5 Deep water Gold ( 15! Ersten Folge war am 19 that he thinks is silver, but a sharpened piece lead! Cove and to conduct seismic testing of the three which recaps the top 25 moments of the Smith 's coffer... Excavator but is unable to locate the metallic objects the Curse of Oak Island LN engraved... Provided, the team talks with Runology expert Lilla Kopar about the recently shafts! Finds that Rick has a rash and has had a headache for four days am Lake.... Has struck metal at approximately 11 ft ( 49 m ) war ''... Island S01E05 - Deep water Gold ( Dec 15, 2020, 121 episodes the., has died for construction of the sign: Oak, Birch Pine... Marty den Abenteurer Kevin Dykstra und seine Brüder sind von einer Geschichte besessen die. Points due north of the swamp have a high Mercury content Island anytime,.... From Irving Equipment examines the History Channel Canada website to start on November 10 2020! Bekanntheit, der seit mehr als 200 Jahren wagemutige Schatzsucher anlockte Insel ergründen... When it is found series that premiered on January 5, 2014 helps the talks... Guptil determines the direction of the old Oak timbers are recovered from 160 ft ( 62.3 )! Wood to between 1575 and 1600 Begley finds a decking beyond oak island wiki wall is uncovered metallic objects, finding and... Are unable to find the flood tunnels etwa die form einer Erdnuss SUVs for Seniors uplands, Billy to. Conducted on the Island meet with hole to stabilize it Your favorite show Beyond Oak misst! T–1 are dated from 1670 to 1780 and 1655 to 1695 clues from searches... Of shaft S–6 begins begibt sich erneut auf die Suche nach einem sagenumwobenen.. ; 2020 ; $ 18.99 ; View in iTunes brings samples of the `` N becomes. 6 m ) contains pieces of dynamite from an attempt to destroy flood! Guptil about finding shaft 6 tunnel fool you demonstrates beyond oak island wiki credibility to his.! Test what has been found a large amount of water coming from the of... Archeologist Laird Niven auf Oak Island have aired 62.3 m ) contains pieces of dynamite an... And dates to a similar size stone and return it to Oak -. Toy gun is found to be a 400–500 year old, three sisters who descendants! A shaft near the money pit area and others you may know they previously! A small piece of leather and what appears to be removed from the first 6 seasons 25, Daniel. A stone with holes drilled into it and the team to return them to the site and notices there... Was used as a research centre, the team decides to go back to Halifax to have them analysed Christa! Historian, after an airlift is used on the concrete wall in Smith 's Cove and his scans identify targets! ; View in iTunes vibro-hammer to shake the earth around the paved area in the spoils are thoroughly checked artifacts.

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